PAWS Premium® Dry Dog Food

PAWS Premium collection of dog and puppy food offers something for every canine diet and flavor preference. From healthy mixes, gravy, adult dog dinners, kibble mix bites & bones, to gourmet recipes and high protein blends -- PAWS Premium will provide the best food for your special pal. PAWS Premium offers more than 50 items of dry and canned food for dogs and puppies.


PAWS Premium® Dry Puppy Food

PAWS Premium dry puppy food helps you meet your little friend's special nutritional needs during the first years of life. PAWS Premium dry puppy food provides all the protein, vitamins and nutrients a puppy needs as well as optimum levels of fat and calcium for developing bones and teeth.



PAWS Premium® Canned Dog and
Puppy Food

PAWS Premium canned dog food and puppy food offers delicious flavors including chicken, beef, country stew cuts, lamb cuts and veggies served in a savory gravy. Available in 5- and 13-oz. cans and pouches, PAWS Premium formulas provide your dog with the best diet and well-balanced nutrition.

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